How Wanderlust Dinosaurs Can Inspire Kids to Travel Around the World!

If you have a child who happens to be obsessed with dinosaurs, you could possibly be pondering what to get them. There are many things from which to choose, from toys to clothes to games and books. But we are here to tell you that there is actually something even more special! This guide will help you choose the perfect gift for the dinosaur lover in your life.

As you know, most kids these days are glued to some kind of screen whether it's a tablet or phone and being cooped up at home has led to boredom, less enthusiasm for play, and in many cases, it has caused kids to lose their sense of adventure and wonder, and it reduced the use of their imagination.

What’s needed is something to kick-start their imagination into overdrive, and to start them thinking about what’s out there in the world once again – and that’s where our Wanderlust Dinosaur Series comes in. It’s the perfect gift for the dinosaur fan.

 We all know dinosaurs were around millions of years ago, and they lived in many environments. But what if they were still here today? Stomping or flying around some of the most well-known landmarks in the world?

Imagine a Pterodactyl flying over Mount Fuji, a Spinosaurus racing a London bus, a Stegosaurus walking by the Statue of Liberty, a Triceratops in Paris, or a Brachiosaurus in Brazil…what adventures would they go on? Would they be friendly to people? Could you talk to them or play with them?

 Kids love dinosaurs and seeing them in modern cities around the globe is sure to spark their imagination. Perhaps they’ve visited one of these locations and have happy memories of it, or maybe it will become a dream destination that inspires them to travel to one day. Cities in different locations populated with a variety of dinosaurs will get both them – and you – thinking about every possibility.

At Jurassic Studio, our dinosaurs love adventure just as much as anybody else, which is why they’ve gone on their travels. Imagining how they got there is only the start of the fun…how many seats does a dinosaur need to book on an airplane or bus? Will they need extra seats for their tails? Imagine all these fun conversations with your child!

Every picture in our Wanderlust Dinosaurs Art series includes an instantly recognizable location with well-known landmarks, surrounded by a pack of dinosaurs who are just doing their own thing. Stylish and colorful, no matter where you hang them, they’re certain to become a talking point. Each image is available in a range of sizes, so we’re sure there’s one that will fit your room perfectly.

Let your children spread the wings of their imagination, flying around the globe to meet their dinosaur friends and having a fun time, fully unencumbered by the restrictions of being home all the time. 

Everyone has a favorite dinosaur and a favorite city, and now a favorite piece of dinosaur art. What’s yours? 

Our Wanderlust Dinosaurs inspirational series comes in Canvas Warps that are ready to be put on any wall and in the more affordable Poster format

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