About Us

Our slogan at Jurassic Studio is very simple and straightforward: “Dinosaur art for Dinosaur Fans”. In reality, this is more than just a slogan for us, for it happens to be our mission statement as well . We are genuinely passionate about everything dinosaurs, and we want to share our passion with all the dinosaur fans through our exclusive artwork. Creating amazing dinosaur art is only one half of this process. The other half is delivering it to you with the highest quality possible and that’s what we take pride for at Jurassic Studio.

For this reason we work with the best suppliers to bring you the best quality artwork possible on the market. 

For example, let’s take our best selling product which is our Premium Canvas Wraps. These are not the cheap canvas wraps that prints and ships from China without any regards to quality. All our Premium Canvas Wraps are printed here in USA and are actually made with the highest quality materials which include a scratch resistant UV coating and are ready to hang on any wall.

Even our more affordable regular posters are made from a premium poly-cotton artist grade canvas that is more durable than paper. 

We also can create custom sizing or printing on other materials like acrylic or metal so please feel free to submit any inquiries at Support@Jurassic.Studio and we will gladly send you a personalized quote.